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Art by Mimi Yoon

Sexual Shaming

I think it’s important to name how we shame each other, men and women, specially sexually. One so we can identify it. Two so we can begin top heal it.

This song from the “Birds of Prey” by Gail Simone is interesting, it points to specific period of feminism, “It’s interesting how feminist expression has evolved in the last 10–15 years. It’s like being mean and objectifying to men as well as reclaiming “slut” was really big in the 90’s/00’s. And now it lands as tone deaf.” …

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Il bacio is an 1859 painting by the Italian artist Francesco Hayez

1. The best way to “divorce proof” your marriage is to not get divorced.

2. Love is a people growing process, a hot forge, that’s going to burn you, melt you, destroy you just as you need to be destroyed… it’s a form of Zen Buddhism, it will break your egoic tendencies. So being exhausted, not “feeling” in love anymore, being angry at your partner… none are those are good reasons to divorce or break up.

3. Never ever ever hit below the belt. Contempt is an anger you can’t come back from.

4. Shame is the primary source of…

Love Poetry Collection for Valentine’s Day 2021

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Mathnawi VI, 1967–1974

Love is reckless; not reason.
Reason seeks a profit.
Love comes on strong,
consuming herself, unabashed.
Yet, in the midst of suffering,
Love proceeds like a millstone,
hard surfaced and straightforward.
Having died of self-interest,
she risks everything and asks for nothing.
Love gambles away every gift God bestows.
Without cause God gave us Being;
without cause, give it back again.

Desire Is a Road
by Diana Marie Delgado

Spend enough time on your knees

and you become sacred.

My father, who palmed corsets, was like this.

He’d shoot…

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The Best Love Movies

*In Bold on Multiple Lists

Matt’s Top Ten Favorite Love Movies

  1. Casablanca
  2. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  3. Seems Like Old Times
  4. African Queen
  5. Excalibur
  6. Gaspar Noe’s — Love
  7. Amelie
  8. Against All Odds
  9. Out of Africa
  10. A Walk On The Moon

The Sexiest Movies Ever Made

  1. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  2. 9 1/2 Weeks
  3. Year of Living Dangerously
  4. The Postman Always Rings Twice
  5. Body Heat
  6. Two Moon Junction
  7. Center of the World
  8. A Walk On The Moon
  9. Gaspar Noe’s Love
  10. Unfaithful
  11. Risky Business
  12. Cat People (Original)
  13. Black Swan
  14. Mulholland Drive
  15. Shame
  16. Secretary
  17. 9 Songs
  18. The Girl Next…

Note: this collection is actually from 2020, a new one is coming this week…

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by Tre L. Loadholt

You wet me with
Ice cubes freshly cracked —
Knowing that I’d drip
Right before you,
Ready to be taken.



by Sean Bates

She stood up, and I watched
her hair gradually, then
suddenly, slide down her
shoulders and back like
waves coming up to kiss the

She turned to me, and I met
her with a smile.
She had a lighthouse in her
eyes, shining to guide the
lost ships.

I always did…

Dancers in a improbable half circle up an old European brick wall.
Dancers in a improbable half circle up an old European brick wall.
(Art by Rob Woodcox)

I challenge my students with this: Imagine you want to solve a pervasive social problem (homelessness, drunk driving, education inequality, global warming, anxiety/depression or other mental health issues) but you can’t directly attack the problem. So for example, if you want to solve homelessness you can’t deal directly with any homeless person. Can’t coach them, can’t make a soup line, can’t build a home for them, can’t pass any legislation about them.

Our society has become so concretized and literal (people who go to Burning Man get tattoos of going to Burning Man) that we can no longer think outside…

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Two Lives — Let’s say you could live two lives side by each, running parallel, and maybe we can run infinite lives but let’s just say two for this discussion. In Life A it’s mostly awesome… get’s better and better every year. Just amazing good fortunate, grace and beauty, lots of love and family and friendships, work is great. In Life B not so much. Much harder, more downturns, more loss and heartbreak, more frustration and failure. Okay, so Life A may be a shit metric ton more fun to live but no matter which life, no matter the particular…

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According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, when you die you drop through the four elements one at a time: first you let go of earth, then water, then fire, then air. When we’re born they come online in exactly the reverse order: first air, then fire, then water and last earth. The last element we touch as a newly incarnated spirit is earth. Earth is the most, well, earthy of the elements. The most fundamental to the experience of being human and what brings us fully physically alive. How we touch the earth with our feet, how we dance, stand, move even if in a wheelchair is important. Gardening, dance, walking or hiking, good shoes… all celebrate earth.

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The Agentic and Communal Bias

Libertarianism is an Agentic Bias fantasy of utopia. It’s where the individual has evolved to the point that no system subjugates it, it answers to none. Dominator Hierarchies are no more. The individual is the center of the universe.

Star Trek is a Communal Bias fantasy of utopia. It’s where the collective (Star Fleet) has overcome racism, sexism, corporations/money, and healed the environment. Systemic illness is no more. The collective is the center of the universe.

It’s a fundamentally different view of utopia and how to reach Utopia.

The blessing is that humanity is ready…

Matt Morava

The difference between Generation X and Generation Y is punctuation… going from WTF! to WTF?

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