There are three main challenges a Freshman faces when they enter university:

  1. Academic
  2. Social
  3. Personal

The Academic Summary

The Academic we’ll get into deeper below but basically university asks something different of you than high school. In high school you had to parrot back and demonstrate proficiency within a subject. Thinking for yourself, research, and citation weren’t important. In higher end all of that comes into focus: you have to develop a POV and voice (as that’s how academics evaluate each other) and you have to do your own research, most importantly learn how to correctly do citations.

More on the Academic challenge in a…

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Art by Steve Tung

The Only Two Moves In The Game of Life

What is life?

Is there any better metaphor than a game? Amusement Park might be another but even that’s a kind of game. Buddhists believe in reincarnation, play the game till you can get out of the game. In Christianity the game is super simplified: you must love, but oddly 99% of Christians fail at the simple goal of love thy neighbor. Go figure.

The Two Moves

In this game of life there are only two moves you can make…

  1. You’re on square (L5R9) and I need you on (L3R11)… “need” being the operative word meaning I can’t do it myself. …

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Babylon Berlin

Disclaimer — You’re going to read this and think to yourself, “All this dude did was watch TV!” And that wouldn’t be far from the truth. I caught Covid-19 in mid March and was down for the count until late September. What’s a long-hauler supposed to do but watch a lot of TV? Thankfully there was much great TV out there; very minor spoilers ahead…

The Ten Best Television Shows of 2020

#1 Best In Show: Babylon Berlin (Netflix) — I watched this show in February (and then again in November) and it hasn’t budged from the top spot. It’s a detective show set in 1920s Berlin. The exterior shots are simply amazing (Babylon Berlin is the most expensive show ever produced in Germany) and the mysteries the detectives have to solve are engaging. It’s a show with great acting, interesting characters, and the absolute horror of the rise of Nazi Germany looming around every corner. It’s an understatement to say this show has something to say about our current political and social climate. …

Can your sense of humor evolve over time?

Yes, obviously although the animal sounds of “See and Say” are still funny.

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So if your sense of humor can evolve does that mean that one sense of humor is more evolved than another?

I had this soil/geomorphology professor who was mostly a serious dude. He’d give you one warning and then a letter grade down if you referred to soil as “dirt” and he backed that threat up. He was also weirdly sexist… he believed that women lied about when they had to pee. The class would be on these long drives out in the Suburban, like six hours round trip to find a soil with thick cutans, and he wouldn’t stop for breaks. He believed that women had to stop to pee “all the time” and for some odd reason would mostly lie about it. His other weird quirk was he loved, loved, loved puns. The more they made the class groan the more his was into it. …

Grandmother Aphrodite

It’s hard to imagine Aphrodite as a mother and yet she’s even a grandmother. Her three best known sons (Hermaphroditus, Priapus, and Eros) challenge our imagination and limited views of the love, sex and relationship. Hermaphroditus is story of rape. A beautiful young boy has his Kundalini Awakening forced on him by the nereid (sea nymph) Salmacis who in an attempt to posses him fuses with him in mind and body to become two souls sharing one body. A metaphor for the competing masculine and feminine energies within each of us. Priapus was born with massive and grotesque genitalia that deeply offended Aprhodite’s aesthetic sensibilities so she tossed the helpless baby on a mountain, exposed, to the harsh realities of life. Priapus is the God of all things grotesque and depraved in human sexuality, a sexuality that just wants to be accepted, just as someone with a Priapic sense of humor wants to be excepted. Eros being the kinder and more romantic of the three brothers, the one that is most talked about and accepted in our world today. Eros and Psyche have a child, Hedone, which is where we get our word hedonism from. …

Shadow Boxing

I have this theory that if you could record your dreams as perfectly as digital video and could play them back you’d stop after a few nights, as your less conscious would be hard to reckon with in the waking world. What you would see of yourself wouldn’t be the same as seeing God, which would obliterate your human mind but it would give you insight into something that would be potentially devastating. In dreams is our shadow and the shadow contains five big boxes:

— Unwanted Powerful Emotions of Rage/Anger, Sadness, Fear and Joy

— Unwanted Neediness and…

Wonder Woman

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Writing on Wonder Woman from the past decade…

— — — — — — — — —

The problem with Wonder Woman ultimately is not that she isn’t a great character, with an interesting back story, or interesting villains it’s our relationship to the Greek Pantheon. I keep hoping that Hollywood will get the Pantheon right… to really open up the gods and goddesses to the true fundamental sources of Western culture that they are: that Zeus would be treated more as a creative father figure, that Hera would be pulled from obscurity and given life and voice as wife and mother, that Aphrodite would be more than just a set of boobs and eyes but as the embodiment of eros, and that Hermes would allowed to be both the messenger and thief he is, and Apollo as the archetypal healer, and Ares as more than just a war god but of passion, and Poseidon and Hades and more than rivals and brothers of Zeus but the masters of their own domain and so on… And then some bag of crap like Immortals or Clash of the Titans comes out and we’re back to square one with a Wonder Woman project. You start with a deeper understanding of the Pantheon, give it the psychological and cultural depth it deserves, and then Wonder Woman will make sense. In fact, she could be better than Batman and the Avengers combined. …

Writing over the past few years on ballet and dance.

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On Dance and Ballet

In the early ’80s my mom took me to see the Moscow Ballet. I think by accident or choice, it wasn’t the Nutcracker or some other bullshit ballet. Ballet can tell deeply profound stories of love, betrayal, beauty and be sexy as fuck but most of us dudes get roped into ballet via the Nutcracker and it turns us off on ballet forever. …

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We say all kinds of shit…

I developed a model that I use with clients around shadow.

Simply stated, that there are basic components that make up a person’s shadow: unwanted sexual desire, rage, insecurity, neediness and power.

(How each of those are understood/expressed are as unique to the person as a finger print, you cast a unique shadow.)

When we’re “in the grip” it is clear that our shadow has been aroused.

The soul is never imbalanced but boy oh boy is that the living state of the ego.

Constantly triggered.

A good way for someone to trigger you is to suggest that you’re the opposite of what’s driving you. Note: not values, but drivers. It’s what bullies can do so effortlessly, it is the force behind their words, therefore maybe our society would be better off if we had more compassion for the Bully archetype as self loathing and blaming others are two sides of the same coin. …

For shits and giggles, I went through all my teaching folders from the past ten years of working at university and thought I’d capture all the major lectures…

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All The Lectures I’ve Taught Over the Years…

Foundations of Business and Management

History of Labor

History of the Corporation

History of Management Theory

What Is Business Management?

Management Styles, Leadership Styles

Types of Businesses

Types of Business Ownership

Financial and Quality Control

  • Six Sigma
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • ISO Certification

Business Ethics

The Triple Bottom Line

Business Law

Multinational Corporations

Working and Living Abroad

Levels in the Organization

  • Hierarchy and Reporting Structures
  • Working in Teams

Teams and Control



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The difference between Generation X and Generation Y is punctuation… going from WTF! to WTF?

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